Mark Camilleri and the CT Project

I first met Mark Camilleri on an advertising assignment for Johnnie Walker. It was immediately clear we were both over qualified for the job. He for his incredible piano-playing ability and me for the simple fact that no one should have to sing Karaoke in liquor stores wearing horse riding pants. True story.

As the years passed, we (ok “he”) matured as a musician, an arranger, a producer and most of all as a human being. Happily for me though, he has never lost his sense of humor which, if it were going to school, would be somewhere between pre-kindergarten and grade 2.
To hear the complicated arrangements and see the speed at which he works with other incredibly talented musicians is too much for a comedian’s brain to grasp. But to be able to work alongside him, when our busy schedules permit is like playing hockey with Gretzky, painting with Picasso or committing fraud with Bernie Madoff.

I would say the completion of this first installment of the CT Project fills me with “Glee”, but then I would be sued forcefully and immediately by Fox Network. Plus the music is more mature than traditional pop. Meaning the musicians involved actually played musical instruments.
Plus the vocals of Louise St. Cyr? Well, let’s just say if you don’t have Barry White available, put this on I guarantee you’re making babies. Even if you’re by yourself.
So I’ll just say I am very proud to be associated with the CT Project and if you are a lover of really amazing real music you will really love this. And that is not a topic up for debate!

- Host of CBC’s “The Debaters”,
- Hearty supporter of “Mark Camilleri and the CT Project”, - Permanent Account Receivable of IMAGINE Sound

Every time I get to Toronto, I always find myself in the musical presence of Mark Camilleri, or as I call him, “Mr. Canada.” He seems to be a “one man does it all musical powerhouse” whether he’s conducting, or playing keyboards, or arranging.

Now everyone who listens to this CD will understand what I am talking about. His band is first rate, the vocals are neat and sexy, and all the listener needsto do is probably grab a bottle of wine, enjoy a sip or two, and relax.
Easy? You betcha!

- Musician/Composer
- Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar, Pulitzer Prize and Golden Globe winner.


Mark Camilleri: Piano
Louise Camilleri: Voice
Tony Zorzi: Guitars
Jon Maharaj: Basses
Mark Inneo: Drums
Joaquin Hidalgo: Percussion

This CD is a result of 6 individuals who eat and drink together. Who watch UFC, vacation and get married together. Who live together, have kids together and renovate together. This CD is the result of 6 friends who play together.

The Ct Project From the Top Left to Bottom Right: Jon Maharaj, Tony Zorzi, Louise Camilleri Mark Inneo, Mark Camilleri, Joaquin Hidalgo

The Ct Project
From the Top Left to Bottom Right:
Jon Maharaj, Tony Zorzi, Louise Camilleri
Mark Inneo, Mark Camilleri, Joaquin Hidalgo